Terms & Conditions


Competition Entry for "The Beer Machine"

So our Marketing Agency asked us to write some terms and conditions for the competition we’re running for “The beer machine” and strictly “not any beer”.

So firstly, you must be over the age of 18 to enter (for no apparent reason).

Secondly – The competition is for the machine to be put into you office for Free and at no ongoing hire. We usually charge money for this – you don’t actually get to keep the machine as your own, however you can have it for as long as you like so long as BEER HQ are solely stocking the beer in the machine. We’ll service it, clean it, do all the shit you probably don’t want to do to maintain it.

Thirdly – We’re going to makeĀ  beer together. Well you taste it, we make the recipe, adjust it to suit you and then your office will have it’s own beer. Pretty cool huh?

Fourthly – If you don’t meet minimum orders (one keg per month) we reserve the right to take the machine back at any time. We’re not here to be dicks about it so if theres an agreement in place where you’re office is out for a month – it’s likely not going to be a biggie, we’ll figure it out.

Lastly – We’re not promoting excessive consumption of alcohol in any way, we urge you to drink responsibly.



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